Our Story

True to our beginnings.

Born on Cape Cod.

Chowderbox is rooted in authenticity.

Powered by Tetra Pak®.

At Chowderbox, we are revolutionizing the New England clam chowder experience by merging the timeless allure of Cape Cod's authentic flavors with cutting-edge packaging technology. Born from a blend of innovation and deep-seated respect for our family's clam chowder roots, we embarked on a mission to transform how chowder is enjoyed. In an era where convenience meets sustainability, we are leading the charge to move beyond outdated soup cans. Our vision is to deliver clam chowder that embodies Cape Cod's rich, authentic taste while embracing the modern demands for fresh-tasting flavors and eco-conscious packaging. You deserve a culinary experience that is both genuine and groundbreaking, perfect for those last-minute meals that still need to deliver on quality and taste.

If you've ever spent time in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, you know that 'The Cape' has a flavor of its own. New England Clam Chowder is a classic local favorite enjoyed around the world. On The Cape, we made our family's signature chowder using a blend of wild-caught clams and heirloom potatoes, and we kept it light and bright with fresh garden herbs to compliment its silky smooth texture. We never use flour. After realizing there wasn't a true premium clam chowder on the market, we began a 2-year process of developing our family's recipe for the market. We use the same premium ingredients we always have because if we couldn't make our clam chowder like we did on The Cape, we simply weren't going to do it. We make it for you like we make it at home.

Our chowder is a testament to our commitment to authenticity and innovation. Every spoonful encapsulates Cape Cod's vibrant, untamed spirit, made possible by our dedication to using only the best ingredients. But what truly sets our chowder apart is our pioneering use of modern packaging technology. We trusted Tetra Pak®, a leader in sustainable shelf-stable packaging solutions, to seal in the authentic and fresh taste of our family's clam chowder without compromise in a recyclable package that is lightweight and made mainly with renewable, plant-based materials.

This strategic alliance is more than just a packaging decision; it's a declaration of our commitment to preserving the integrity of our Cape Cod-inspired recipe while pioneering a new standard for pantry staples.

The journey from the coast of Cape Cod to your table is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Every chowder box is a promise of quality, authenticity, and environmental responsibility, delivering not just a meal, but an experience that honors our heritage and embraces the future. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, reinforcing our belief in the power of combining regional authenticity with modern technology. Join us on social media as we continue to explore the possibilities, sharing every breakthrough and insight. With Chowderbox, you're not just enjoying a bowl of chowder; you're part of a movement redefining the essence of convenience, quality, and sustainability.