Next level delicious.

New England Clam Chowder

If you've ever spent time in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, you know that 'The Cape' has a flavor of its own. New England Clam Chowder is a classic local favorite enjoyed around the world. On The Cape, we made our family's signature chowder using a blend of wild-caught surf and cockle clams and heirloom potatoes. We kept it light and bright with fresh garden herbs to complement its silky smooth texture—no flour, no cans, and deliciously gluten-free. After realizing there wasn't a true premium New England clam chowder on the market, we began a two-year process of developing our family's recipe for commercial production. We use the best food packaging technology on the planet to lock in freshness. No additives, no preservatives. This allows us to use the same premium ingredients we always have because if we couldn't make our clam chowder for you like we did on The Cape, we simply weren't going to do it.


Surf and cockle clams, red potatoes, cream, milk, bacon, onions, celery, butter, cornstarch, sea salt, garlic, parsley, herbs, and spices.

Contains: Anchovy, Milk, Shellfish.